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Leaky Ducts

12/16/2013 Back To Blog

When the ducts in your heating and cooling system are leaking, your HVAC does not work as well and your energy bills are higher.  Here are some of the places and ways in which the ventilation system in your home can leak. Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 24/7 Services


A.  How the HVAC Duct System Works

HVAC ducts are used to control the places the heated or cooled air will go, and to create pressure differences inside the house that force the air to travel in the right direction.  Home air duct cleaning can ensure that these pressure differences remain constant.  Air naturally travels from areas with high pressure to those with low pressure.  Pressure can be thought of as force bearing down on any object, so this makes sense – the air wants to move away from areas where it is being pressed down to areas where it is freer to move.  To work then, your return ducts, where you want the air to move to the HVAC, must be at a higher pressure than the atmosphere inside your house, while the supply vents, where you want air to move from the HVAC, must be at a higher pressure then the rest of your house.  The fan in your HVAC system is the component that creates the pressures.  Be sure that your HVAC maintenance you have done includes both a check on the fan’s performance and periodic air duct maintenance as well.


B.  What Happens with Leaks?

When people go years without servicing air ducts, leaks and other problems occur.  Leaks can occur in the return or supply ducts.  When the return ducts, the ducts that send air to the HVAC unit, leak, the pressure difference created by the leaks will force more air out of your house than was intended.  When the supply vents leak, hot or cold air that is supposed to be traveling to your house through the ducts is lost, causing your HVAC to run more and longer.  Also, the pressure difference caused by the leaks will allow the cold or hot air outside the house to leak inside it.


C.  What do I do?

If you suspect that your HVAC unit is not running well due to leaky ducts, the first step is inspection.  You need to call HVAC Air Duct Cleaners to see what they would charge for an inspection of the ducts and how the inspection will be done.  Air Duct Cleaning Canoga Park has someone who can answer any questions you may have about your ducts.

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