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Ensures that your ducts and vents are cleaned

With these easy to understand tips for keeping the air duct clean and fresh, breathing fresh air indoors is extremely possible.

Air duct cleaning schedule

Air Duct Cleaning Canoga Park experts suggest that air ducts be cleaned every two to three years, though this depends on how fast dirt accumulates in your home. Yearly inspection should be done to determine if it requires deep cleaning or not. But if you see obvious mold growth, excessive dirt on filters and smell foul odor, it may be time to have it cleaned.

Regular cleaning of dryer vent

Most people are not aware of the importance of cleaning their dryer vents. The cleaning of dryer vents is recommended every six months or more, if you use your dryer a lot. Lint builds up on the vent and tubing after some time. Because of this, it will take longer for the dryer to dry the clothes and this may also cause fire.

Install air ducts properly

Air duct replacement means you pick the right ducts and make sure they're installed properly. The smallest the length of air ducts, the better. When air must travel a long way, it might eventually find a tiny hole to escape.  Make sure they're installed without branching or intersecting.

How to avoid high moisture at home

Cleaning the dryer vent kitchen exhaust hood is important. Otherwise, the steam won't escape through the vents but return inside the house. You can notice humidity on the kitchen cabinets. For the same reasons, cleaning a dryer vent is also important in the laundry room.

Provide thorough HVAC maintenance in the spring

The cold and the melting snow often cause damage which may go unnoticed and this makes spring the ideal season for maintenance and repair work. The job typically involves air duct and HVAC unit cleaning, in addition to filter replacement and thorough inspection. Plus any repairs, if needed.

Exterminate pests at home

The tiny insects and organisms found at home can also contaminate the air that we breathe with the germs and bacteria they carry, especially if they find their way to the air ducts. Don’t let this happen by having them exterminated early on, preferably on a day where the air ducts are being cleaned as well for less hassle.

Maintaining your HVAC system

Your HVAC system is an important part of the house as it makes the temperature inside more comfortable for the whole family. HVAC maintenance is necessary in order to keep the system running smoothly, as well as to prevent costly and inconvenient repair and replacements. There are things that you can do to maintain the system including cleaning the filters and the fan blades.

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